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What is Non-Emergency Transportation?


America West Medical Transportation, Inc. offers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento. This is a service that allows patients who do not have the ability to get around or to make their medical appointments normally. We offer a number of transportation services including Wheelchair Transportation in Sacramento CA. These services are all designed to make life easier for you today. Here is how non-emergency transportation can serve you:

  • Medical Appointments: It is important to know that we are not a taxi service. We cannot transport you to the mall or to other locations. However, we offer our services for patients with disabilities. For patients who are homebound, this is a means of transportation to get to their medical appointments or to the clinic with ease. We understand that it can be a huge struggle for you to just make it on time to an appointment. Through our specialized vehicles and convenient transportation options, we aim to unburden your shoulders of the stress and worry that is weighing you down. Your medical appointments are supposed to help you out, not stress you out, so allow us to assist you today.

  • A Ride Home: We can make sure that you can get to the hospital or clinic on time for your appointment but we won’t just leave you high and dry. Once you are finished with your appointment, we can bring you straight home as well.

  • Comfort: Not only are our vehicles designed to make it easier for you to ride through advanced technology such as wheelchair lifts and ramps, but they are also comfortable as well. With the soft suspension and climate control, it is like riding on a cloud. Along with providing a comfortable and luxurious ride for you, we also offer safety. All of our vehicles are maintained on a regular basis and all of our drivers are highly experienced professionals. Your safety and comfort is our number one concern when you choose to ride with us.

If you are worried about getting around because you are in a wheelchair or are homebound, through our services, these problems are no longer an issue. All you have to do in order to enjoy this service is to visit our website www.america-west.com today. Allow us to offer you the convenient and comfortable transportation services that you need now.

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