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What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

One of the most convenient services we have is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento CA. Through this service, it does not matter if you are elderly, disabled, or injured, we provide you with a convenient and affordable transportation solution to get you where you need to be. This is particularly useful for doctor’s appointments or even regular trips to a clinic for dialysis or other forms of treatment.

The main purpose of our Wheelchair Transportation in Sacramento CA is to offer individuals in need the convenient transportation options they need. When you are disabled, in a wheelchair, or even elderly, it can be a challenge to get where you need to be through regular means. Public transportation is not friendly towards wheelchairs or you may require assistance from a friend or family member, but they may not be available every single time, this is where America West Medical Transportation can offer the solution you need.

  • Specialized Vehicles:
    Unlike other transportation services, we offer specialized vehicles. These vehicles are designed to transport particular people with ease. This means we have vehicles that come equipped with ramps or lifts for wheelchairs. We offer vehicles that are comfortable for the injured or elderly, and our vehicles have special equipment and professionals that can assist you during the trip.
  • Easy:
    Our services are also very easy to use. To get a comfortable ride to your destination of truth, all you would need to do is set an appointment with us. We will then arrive at the appointed time and ensure you have a comfortable and safe journey all the way to your destination. We will also make sure you have a ride home.
  • Affordable:
    It is our passion to help people in need and one of the many ways we can do that are by offering affordable transportation options. You do not have to worry about breaking the bank when you choose our services.

That is just the basics of our non-emergency medical transportation services. If you are looking for a convenient and comfortable transportation alternative to get to your medical appointments or other destinations with ease, we offer the solution you need. Set a schedule for your next trip now!

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