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The Convenience of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The Convenience of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

When you are in a wheelchair, getting around can be a challenge without a doubt. Normally, you would have to rely on friends and family to give you a ride to your medical appointments or other destinations. However, they may not be there to help you every single time you need them because they also have other responsibilities. This is where Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento CA from providers like America West Medical Transport can help you out.

Here are a few of the many reasons why Wheelchair Transportation in San Jose CA is convenient:

  • Specialized Vehicles:
    The main reason why our services are so easy is because of our specialized vehicles. We have a diverse fleet of vehicles that are able to meet any of your needs. If you are in a wheelchair, we can make transportation a breeze for you. In a normal car, you may need some help to enter it and then assistance stowing your wheelchair in the vehicle. This is an issue you do not have to worry about with us. Our vehicles come with either a wheelchair ramp or lift. This allows you to enter the vehicle without ever having to get out of your wheelchair.
  • On-Time:
    If you have a medical appointment to get to, all you have to do is let us know ahead of time where and when you need to be. We will do our best to get you there on time by arriving directly to your door, helping you enter the vehicle, and then transporting you quickly and safely to your destination. To help you arrive on time, we will use the most direct routes.
  • Comfortable:
    Our vehicles are clean and comfortable. This is to make sure that you can enjoy a luxurious ride no matter where you need to go.

Being in a wheelchair does not have to restrict your independence because we offer the services you need to get to your destination of choice. It is our goal to ensure that you never have to stress out about going to a doctor’s appointment ever again.

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