Non-Emergency Medical Transportation – Never Miss Your Doctor’s Appointment Again!


Appointments with our doctors and physical therapists are absolutely vital to our health and recovery. It is during these meetings that we are updated with our current health status and get advice about the ideal ways to proceed with our healthcare. For the elderly and disabled, missing medical appointments can often set them back on their recovery journey and, at times, even put their health in jeopardy. This is a situation patients and their loved ones look to avoid with the help of non-emergency medical transportation companies.

Respectable non-emergency transportation providers such as AMERICA WEST MEDICAL TRANSPORT, INC. have greatly impacted the lives of the elderly and disabled individuals of our community. Through a range of quality services that include ambulatory transport, wheel chair transport, stretcher transports, and student transportation, these companies are able to safely and comfortably deliver clients with special transportation needs to and from their various engagements.

One of the reasons why patients miss or are late to their appointments is because their family members are often too busy to drive them there. Of course, you can’t blame your loved ones because they have their own lives to live as well. What you can do to keep this situation from happening again is to hire a non-emergency medical transport agency.

A regular car just won’t do. You often require a specialized vehicle to travel safely and comfortably to your appointments. Not having regular access to one means possibly missing a few of your appointments. Let reputable non-transportation companies like AMERICA WEST MEDICAL TRANSPORT, INC. fix this problem for you with a stellar fleet of vehicles specially designed to meet your needs.

If you happen to be in search of non-emergency medical transportation in Sacramento, CA, don’t think twice about contacting AMERICA WEST MEDICAL TRANSPORT’s Sacramento office at 916-601-7115. You may also get in touch with our other offices in Santa Clara and San Francisco at 408-329-4552 and (650)452-9583, respectively. With our top-notch services and specially designed, well-conditioned rides, not only will you never miss your medical appointments, but you’ll never be late for them ever again.

AMERICA WEST MEDICAL TRANSPORT, INC. also offers wheelchair transportation in Sacramento, CA to aid in the transportation of wheelchair-bound individuals to and from their important engagements. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to call any of our offices today!

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